The Vagina Aisle

I went to Rite Aid today hoping to find some cold medicine that would help clear my head. Instead, I left super irritated (and without my cold meds) because I was reminded how much I hate the phrase “feminine hygiene”. What “Feminine Hygiene” Should Mean When I wander into an aisle labeled “feminine hygiene” I should expect […]

I’m Not Sorry

A classic tale. More years ago that I’d like to admit, I was in a fantastic class called Power and the Body, taught by the remarkable George Mentore. The course covered all kinds of fascinating topics, from mutilation to reproduction, from prisons to stilettos.  Obviously, you can’t have a course called Power and the Body […]

Eat My Cookies: An Origin Story

I’m frequently asked why I chose to start Meg’s Retro Cookies and how I got into baking, but I rarely share the full story, as it’s not one that can be easily summarized in two sentences. So for anyone interested…here it is! Family Recipes + Nomadic Army Brat “Home” is a concept I’ve always struggled with. […]

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