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Love Leschi Food Mart

Ever find yourself wandering Seattle for entertainment?  Next time we suggest a visit to the Leschi waterfront.  And one of the coolest markets in Seattle is Leschi Food Mart (www.leschimart.com).  Located at 103 Lakeside Ave. in Seattle, they have a great variety of food options and greatly support local food producers.  Among many other items you can always find Old School Frozen Custard pints on hand.  Stop in and tell them their buddies at Old School said "Hi!"

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Fun Fact:

About 8% of all milk produced in the U.S. each year ends up in a frozen dairy product. More than a billion gallons ends up as ice cream -- sold in cones, gallons, pints, sundaes and other desserts, through grocery stores, ice cream and frozen custard shops.

New look for Old School!

Check out our new packaging -- and pick up a pint at our partner stores throughout the Puget Sound area!